Monday, May 18, 2009

All play and no work makes Vikas a dull boy !!

This is the second week and I have no work as such. Its the same atmosphere that I sensed today morning after entering into my office....the same dullness in the cubicle...AC is not working...thanks to our lead that he had got some snaps of his leh-ladakh trip which proved to be a stress (of not working) reliever....the first 2 hrs were fair enough enjoying the snaps while munching a perk chocolate !
Having no work at all and getting bored is 1000 times worse than having lots work even though its not interesting !! Thankfully, in the healtcare area things are much better as compared to others....and now I really feel nice that I changed my company at the right time and switched to the HIT....the thing is that we did have work till last month end and for almost 15 days, it has slowed down a bit...well, I am happy that we do have work to do as compared to other companies....
Now I am getting to know slowly...why/when/how/ people can write blogs :)

Monday, May 4, 2009

God knows who will read this other than Vikas Vinze first blog !!
When you are a fresher, it is really very hard to get accustomed to the flow. It may be your first job, first day in college, first test drive, first time when you enter a swimming pool, your first receipe....the list is endless.
Same is the case for writing blogs for the first time. I really don't know where to start and what to start with. Just thought of putting forward some of my thoughts. Actually there are no specific blogs that I follow, but I intend to do so now. Its just the same feeling for me when you open an email account for the first time and send your first mail to someone. The only difference here is you can't tell anyone that you have your first blog available for the show. I mean, its not that great achievement that you should feel proud of, and why would people give a damn for such stupid things...there are tonnes of better things to do. I got to know that some of my friends have got their blogs and let me tell you...they are really worth reading...So its just an attempt, rather self assesment on how can I manage writing blogs...and for how long. I am sure it's not possible for me to post daily blogs but twice/thrice a month should be ok I suppose...No idea how I will be going ahead with writing new things.
Finally I have come to a conclusion that writing is definitely a skill and its not my cup of tea for sure :)
I have just realised that I am in my office now and should stop this crap now. More crap in my second blog :)